Sleep Disorder Treatments

SomnoMed is capable of treating patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea disorder. Dr. Galan now uses this highly efficient product to enhance the results of treating patients who suffer from mild to moderate levels of sleep disorder. SomnoMed works by increasing the arch of the upper jaw allowing easy passage of air into the body. It is estimated that 91% of the patients who have used SomnoMed says that they have been experiencing improved and sound sleep.

SomnoMed can be now customized for patient comfort and even available for those who wear dentures and crowns. The appliance is engineered with upper and lower plates that will rest on the teeth. It is developed to provide comfort while the patient wears it. Call us today to find more about SomnoMed and book an appointment at Galan DNTL to understand more about the challenges and solutions of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

At Galan DNTL...

  • Most insurances will cover the cost of treating sleep apnea.
  • No more mask can result in better sleep.
  • SomnoMed is effective as 91% of patients reported improvement in sleep quality.
  • It can be customized to achieve patient needs and comfort.

Healthy Start

Give Your Child The Best While They're Still Young

Sleep disorder is a troublesome nasal and dental condition that disrupts the patient's sleeping pattern. Research says that almost 40 million children may be likely to suffer from sleep-related breathing disorders if not diagnosed at an early stage.

HealthyStart™️ is a non-invasive therapeutic treatment that uses no surgery or medicine to treat your child who suffers from crooked or crowded teeth and a restricted airway.

With HealthyStart™️, your child's condition may be detected early enough and treatment could resolve the underlying root cause of SDB. The appliances we provide are designed to expand the airway with no constriction leading to an easy flow of oxygen into the patient's body.

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