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Pediatric Dentistry

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At Galan Dental, we love seeing kids. There is nothing like watching a child learn about the importance of their smile. We want our young patients to have a positive experience when visiting our San Jose children’s dentistry provider, and work hard to earn your trust while building a foundation of dental wellness for your child.

A healthy and appealing smile can last a lifetime, and by educating your child, we aim to get them excited about their oral hygiene routine at home. We also educate the whole family about ways to turn brushing and flossing into quality time.  

Building a Healthy Smile in San Jose

Dr. Aida Galan believes in providing comprehensive care for children as they develop, creating treatment plans that consider the signs of possible complications in the future.

Some of the services we provide our growing patients include:


Flouride Treatment and Sealants – We provide sealants and fluoride treatment to protect the areas of your child’s teeth that are most vulnerable. These sensitive areas are where cavities typically first appear and our young patients benefit tremendously from these preventive options, as they fight decay and strengthen enamel.

Cleanings – Regular dental cleanings are necessary to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar that lead to decay, gum disease, and tooth staining. Without routine care, tartar builds up under the gum line and more extensive treatment, such as root planing and scaling, may become necessary.


Thorough Examinations – We take a gentle approach when collecting vital information about our young patients’ dental health and make their time in the dental chair as stress-free as possible.  Our use of digital imaging means less exposure time, increased comfort, and better quality pictures of your child’s oral health condition.

Early Cavity Detection – Our dentist employs cutting edge diagnostic tools that assist us in finding cavities when they are just beginning.

Early Orthodontic Assessments – Determining whether early orthodontic intervention is necessary could benefit your child by reducing the need for more involved treatment in the future.


Frenectomy – Dr. Galan can perform this procedure to correct a tight frenulum (tongue tie), improving speech and feeding habits, depending on the child’s age.

Pulpotomy – This procedure removes infection from the innermost area of a tooth. The tooth is then protected with a crown or filling to preserve a primary tooth until the permanent tooth emerges.

 We also offer Invisalign® clear aligners for our mature teenage patients.

The Proactive Dental Care your Child Deserves

At Galan Dental, our approach is that of customized care to provide the healthiest smile possible for your child. This means supporting you and educating them about healthy habits that will enforce not only their dental health but their overall well-being.

Most importantly, we want your child to be happy during their visits and have a special reward box for them to choose a prize just for having a winning smile.

If you are seeking a compassionate children’s dentist in San Jose, Call Dr.Galan Today.


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