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Dr. Galan takes a proactive approach to your dental health because she understands the desire for a straighter smile is universal. Teeth that are in proper alignment are not only more appealing, but also more functional, and less likely to cause complications. Galan Dental provides comprehensive orthodontic services in San Jose, helping you achieve a straighter and healthier smile.

A Wide Range of Options for Braces

Galan Dental offers traditional braces for children and teens as well as the Invisalign® clear aligner system for adults and mature teens.

Our conventional options include:

Early intervention for children that adjusts issues and makes treatment less extensive and more affordable down the line.

Traditional braces with customizable color elastics for kids and teens who require conventional straightening.

Clear ceramic braces with less visible brackets for those who want a more discreet look.

Dr. Galan is an Invisalign Preferred Provider, treating teens and adults who can benefit from this innovative and effective teeth straightening alternative.

Invisalign for adults and mature teens who want to straighten their smiles but prefer a virtually invisible approach.

Invisalign Teen for teenagers who need more support with compliance.

Invisalign Express for milder cases that can be treated faster and more economically with excellent results.

The Invisalign process involves using a series of precisely crafted custom aligners worn to gradually move misaligned teeth into their proper position. While originally thought to only treat minor cases of malocclusion, this technology has proven to be a far-reaching teeth straightening solution, and in select cases can be used to correct some complex orthodontic issues.

The Invisalign aligner trays are designed to be worn for 22 hours per day and strict adherence to these instructions are necessary for a successful outcome.

Convenient Orthodontics in San Jose

Whether you are a fit for traditional or alternative braces, we use advanced 3D imaging technology to plan your individual treatment strategically to meet your unique needs.

Braces at Galan Dental can take as little as a year for complete results but average around 18 months. Dr. Galan typically sees her orthodontic patients every six months or more frequently as needed. This coincides with routine cleanings and well-dental exams and allows you to have all your dental needs addressed at one location.

Dr. Galan’s skill and experience in this area have been rewarded by the happy smiles of her patients who become free to express themselves more openly and with a higher level of confidence.

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