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Take an advantage of Anesthesia-Free and Virtually Pain-Free Procedures at THE SAME AFFORDABLE PRICE with our new laser, Solea.

Our new dental laser will give you an experience so unique that you will find it hard to believe you were just at the dentist.

The Solea laser is driven by the technology of providing our patients with a comfortable and drill-free experience. Using absolutely no needles and anesthesia, Solea gives patients a unique journey of solving their dental problems in just one visit. The hi-tech system is engineered to provide a sound-free and relaxed environment for both the patient and the doctor while doing the procedure.
These highlighting features of Solea are what makes it an attractive and friendly tool for doctors:
  • Anesthesia-Free and Virtually Pain-Free procedures at THE SAME AFFORDABLE PRICE
  • No drills.
  • No needles.
  • No jarring noises
  • Multiple Procedures Done in One Appointment.
Book an appointment today at Galan Dental to find out more about this exciting technology.


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