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Periodontal Care for the Health of your Teeth and Gums

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Healthy gums contribute to your overall wellness and are essential to maintaining strong dental function. Gum disease typically occurs due to poor oral hygiene but can also be triggered by underlying illness. If you are experiencing any amount of bleeding while brushing or flossing, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Dr. Aida Galan provides comprehensive services to diagnose and treat gum disease in San Jose.

A Wide Range of Periodontal Services in San Jose

Some of the treatments we provide include:

Root Planing and Scaling – When tartar has reached under the gum line, it can signal early gum disease. A deep cleaning to remove tartar and bacteria from between the gum and tooth root is the first step to combating this condition.

Gingivectomy – As gum disease progresses, pockets form between the tooth and gum, reducing the secure hold your teeth have in your jaw. This procedure removes and reshapes loose gum tissue to shrink these pockets.

Crown Lengthening – When a tooth is damaged and a dental prosthetic such as a crown is needed to restore its structure, this treatment is necessary to expose a greater amount of tooth structure in preparation for the restoration. This procedure may also be performed to reduce the cosmetic impact of a “gummy” smile.

Gum Grafts – If gum tissue has been lost due to periodontal disease, this treatment can be used to cover roots or add tissue where needed due to severe recession.

Ridge Augmentation – When one or more teeth have been lost or must be extracted due to gum disease, this procedure helps recreate the original contour that is typically lost due to periodontitis (severe gum disease) and is often performed prior to dental implant placement.

Galan Dental provides options to treat gum disease using advanced technology, including digital x-rays and ultrasonic instruments for deep cleaning. Our dentist also uses intraoral cameras to diagnose and clearly share her findings.

When necessary, we provide a special antibiotic called Arestin that is proven to be effective in promoting soft tissue healing.

Early Intervention and Education is Vital

Dr. Galan is committed to addressing the earliest signs of gum disease and helping her patients attain healthy teeth and gums for life. She focuses on education and proper oral hygiene to maintain good gum health. She also pays special attention to patients who have misaligned teeth or are already wearing braces as either of these cases can make one more susceptible to gum disease. 

If you are experiencing any signs of gum disease, such as bleeding during brushing, chronic bad breath, or dental sensitivity, call our San Jose Dental office today. 

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