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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in San Jose

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When your smile is healthy but still doesn’t satisfy your aesthetic preferences, lightening the shade of your teeth may be the solution. At Galan Dental, we offer teeth whitening in San Jose for patients looking to achieve a brighter smile. This convenient solution lifts stains and can leave you with a healthier and younger appearance.

Teeth Whitening Options at Galan Dental

Dr. Aida Galan offers a variety of whitening treatments, all designed with your convenience and comfort in mind. These solutions include:

  • Zoom!® Chairside Whitening
  • Take-home Trays
  • Whitening Strips

For patients who need a rejuvenated smile in time for a big event, Zoom! in-office whitening offers immediate results. This option can be completed during a single, 30-45 minute appointment. Dr. Galan also provides take-home trays that work either in conjunction with this chairside solution or as a stand-alone treatment. These custom trays can be worn at your leisure and help you maintain a bright smile between appointments.

For those who want to test out the whitening system, Dr. Galan also offers cost-effective whitening strips which provide a quick touch-up before a wedding or other photo opportunities. Patients typically apply these strips after a routine cleaning.

Galan Dental also offers whitening for life for our established patients. Dr. Galan applies a bleaching agent during biannual visits free of charge, as long as regular appointments are kept. 

Ideal Candidates for Teeth Whitening

Before patients commit to a whitening treatment, Dr. Galan assesses the current state of their smile. She will then discuss with patients the level of whitening needed, financial considerations, and a timeline for the treatment. 

While ideal candidates possess clean teeth and a healthy smile, just about any adult patient can benefit from whitening treatment. If you regularly consume drinks known to discolor teeth, such as coffee or wine, a bleaching procedure can quickly lift these stains and leave your smile looking healthy again. It’s important to note, however, that whitening only lifts external stains; patients with intrinsic stains would benefit from porcelain veneers, which Galan Dental also offers.

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At Galan Dental, we believe that every patient deserves a bright smile that they are not afraid to share with the world. Teeth whitening offers those with smiles compromised by stains a chance to renew their confidence. Call Dr. Aida Galan today to schedule your consultation!

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